Friday, 3 April 2015

How can I get rid of ads?

 Now-a-days Internet surfing has become the part of the life for almost every computer user. People of every age and kind visit websites. But there are most websites contain ads and other irrelevant stuff such as malware(harmful links containing viruses). Most of the stuff is not suitable for children as it may contains adult pictures etc. On the other hand many websites are providing free softwares to get rid of such ads. One of them is "Adblock Plus". It is very user friendly and easy to use, even though, it automatically does everything for us. 


What is Adblock Plus?

Adblock Plus lets you block annoying ads, tracking, malware and other things you may not want in your browser. Adblock Plus is an open source project.


How does Adblock Plus work?

Adblock Plus itself has no functionality, in the sense that it does not block anything until you "tell" it what to do by adding filter lists. These filter lists are essentially an extensive set of rules, which tell Adblock Plus which elements of websites to block. You can add any filter list you want, for example to block tracking or malware. You can also create your own filter lists.
Out of the box, two filter lists are enabled:
  • An ad-blocking list selected based on your language
  • The Acceptable Ads exception list
These are enabled to get you started. You can remove them, or add others - it's up to you. 


  • Block Ads
  • Allow Acceptable ads
  • Disable Tracking
  • Disable Malware Domains
  • Disable Social Media Buttons
  • Type Protection


How to install?

  1. First of all, Go to Adblock Plus official site :
  2. This window will be shown to your browser: 
  3. Click on the encircled button, a pop up will appear
  4. Click on the "Allow". Downloading will start and after completion this window will appear :

  5. Click on the "Install" button. Ad block Plus will be installed
  6. A tab will open. In order to Adblock Plus to work properly , you have to carefully use this tab. Click on  the tab and scroll down and turn on the protection by clicking on the buttons. The buttons will turn to green.

I hope its an easy way to get rid of ads and irritating pop ups. If you have any question, please write in comments. Thanks

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Monday, 7 July 2014

How to Speed Up a Computer

Windows computers usually slow down as applications are installed and used. Whether using MS Word, Excel, Powerpoint, Games, it usually fill up the RAM which stores the processes temporarily. RAM is a very important part of the computer system. Low RAM can also be a reason for the slow down of computer system. But don't worry, I am giving some tips by following which you can make your computer fast. 

Increasing Performance

  • Windows XP : Right click on "My Computer" and choose the "Properties" option, then choose the "Advanced" tab and click the settings button under the "Performance" section. In the "Performance Options" dialogue, go to "Visual Effects" and choose "Adjust for best Performance". Now scroll down and select last four options and press "OK"

  •  Windows Vista : Click the "Start" button, then "Control Panel" and then choose "System and Maintenance", then "Performance Information and Tools". Click "Adjust Visual Effects" and choose "Adjust for Best Performance" and select last these options by scrolling down.
  •  Windows 7 : Right click on "Computer" icon on the desktop and select "Properties" and then select "Advanced System settings". In the "Performance" section , select "Settings" and then choose "Adjust for Best Performance", and select last above options by scrolling down and press "Ok".

Run "De-fragment" on all drives

  • Right click on a drive in "My Computer" and select "Properties" and then "Tools". Choose "Defragment Now" to clean up fragmented files and consolidate free space on the drive.This process may take several minutes to hours depending upon the size of the disk.

Tune Up Utilities

Its an awesome software, I am using from several years. It has multiple options for multiple types of tasks. You can easily use this software safely. One thing and the most important advantage of this software is its auto disabling the unused programs and applications which not only increase Computer start and shutdown but also the efficient usage of RAM. Follow the steps below:
  • First of all, Download Tune up Utilities. Its only free for 30 days after which you have to buy it but don't worry there are many keys available over the internet.
  • After downloading and installing this software, you will be able to see a yellow icon in the task bar processes section. Right click on it and navigate to "Favorite Tasks" and select "Disable Programs". You should be able to see this window:

  • Disable all the programs. It will help you in increasing the speed and performance of computer along. It automatically done all the speeding up processes for you.. When you will open a disabled program, it enables it and when you will close that program, it will automatically disable it again..

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Wednesday, 2 July 2014

How to install Windows 7 Service Pack 1 without Internet Connection

Whenever we install any version of Windows 7, mostly it is not updated and we have install updates for this to use most advanced features of windows provided by Microsoft. In this regard, many of us go to Control panel > Windows Update, which is a tiresome method because first updates are downloaded and then installed and it takes a lot of time. But in this modern age, we don't have time to waste for such things. Microsoft also provide offline version of Windows 7 Service pack 1 which is once downloaded and can be used whenever we reinstall windows: 

Following is the link for Windows 7 x86(32-bit)

Following is the link for Windows 7 x64(64-bit)

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Monday, 30 June 2014

How to make Windows 7 Genuine

Many people come across the problem that their laptop/computer's windows has expired and wallpaper has changed to black screen. Don't worry its not a big issue. I am providing a link through which you can download a crack file of windows 7. Your antivirus will deal it like a virus but its not a virus. Don't worry, its very easy to install, just follow the steps shown in the software. Best of  Luck.

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How to download and install Connectify

What is Connectify

Connectify is a software company focused on developing networking softwares for consumers. Connectify's flagship product Conncetify Hotspot is a software router for Microsoft Windows.

How to install Connectify Hotspot for sharing Internet connection through Wi-Fi

  • First of all, download Connectify Hotspot 
  • Click on ConnectifyHotspotInstaller and install it
  • To complete installation you need .Net 4.5
  • After the installation  completion, an icon appears on desktop and task bar
  • It will also ask you to reboot the system, you may select "manually reboot later" option
  • Disconnect your internet connection
  • It will ask you to update the software, please don't ever even accidentally click the button.
  • Click on the Hand icon and select "Enter License"

  • Copy Email id and Serial key from the file named "Serial key" and paste it
  • Click "Ok" button
  • Now enter any name for your Hotspot Name , type Password. Password must be alphanumeric i.e,. containing both alphabets and numbers. Password length must be at least 8 characters.
  • Now click on "Internet to Share", you may choose "Automatic" or "Wi-Fi"
  • In Advanced Settings, in the "Share Over" box, select "Wi-Fi"
  • In "Sharing Mode" box, select the first option which is "Wi-Fi Access Point, Encrypted(WPA2)"

  • Make sure, in the "Firewall" section, both options are marked
  • Click "Start Hotspot" , when you will click this button, your internet connection will be shared and other users can connect with this through a Wi-Fi
  • You will be able to see who is connected with your Wi-Fi connection by clicking on the "Clients" tab.
If you further have any problem or  feedback , feel free to comment below. 

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Sunday, 29 June 2014


WinRAR is a shareware file archiver and data compression utility. It can archived files in ZIP or proprietary RAR format. WinRAR runs under Microsoft Windows in GUI mode. 
You can download full version here:

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Saturday, 28 June 2014

Amazon Fire Phone Price and Specifications

The Fire Phone is a smartphone designed and developed by It was advertised on June 18, 2014 and accessible for pre-order that day. It will arrive at retail stores as an AT&T exclusive on July 25, 2014. It runs on the Fire OS operating system. This phone denote Amazon's first raid into the cell phone business sector, after the success of Kindle Fire Tablets.

The phone is remarkable for its trademark characteristic "Dynamic Perspective": using four front-facing cameras and gyroscope to track the user's movements, the OS modifies the UI with the impression of depth and 3D. Other prominent Amazon services on the phone include X-Ray, used for identifying and finding information about media. Mayday, the 24-hours customer service tool; and firefly, a tool that automatically recognized text, sounds, and objects then offer to buy it through Amazon's online store. It has a dedicated camera button for easy capture most cheerful moments.


  • Dimensions: 139.2 x 66.5 x 8.9 mm
  • Weight: 160 g 
  • OS: Fire OS 3.5 (based on Android 4.2.2 jelly bean)
  • Data Speed: GPRS, EDGE, 3G, 4G, LTE
  • Chipset: Qualcomm Snapdragon 800
  • CPU: 2.26 Ghz Quad-core Krait 400
  • Memory: 2 GB RAM
  • Storage: 32 or 64 GB
  • Display: 4.7 inches IPS LCD Gorilla Glass 3, 1280 x 720 (315 ppi pixel density)
  • Rear Camera: 13 MP , HDR, panorama, image stabilization, free unlimited cloud storage, 1080p video 
  • Front Camera: 2.1 MP
  • Price: $199-$649 with varying service agreement
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